• Multi functionality
  • Gen.II+, DEP-0, XR-5
  • Special Light-powerfull optics
  • Built in IR illuminator 20 mW with the invisible source of illumination
  • Possibility of installtion of autonomous IR illuminator from 50 up to 200 Mw
  • Interchangeable optics
  • High-quality image of photo / video / CCTV
  • Possibility of installation on the mount Weaver
  • Ability to fit on the head mount and on the helmet of the observer
  • Inification of two scopes into a binocular
  • Weather resistant
  • Compact
  • Light weight



Additional accessories:

  • 3х magnifier lens
  • Adjustable 100mmF/1.5 objective lens
  • Adjustable 165mmF/2.0 objective lens
  • Adjustable 250mmF/2.0 objective lens
  • Head mount
  • Helmet mount
  • Universal adapter for installation of D-370 to the head mount, helmet, Weaver mount and unification of two scopes into a binocular
  • Mount for installation of D-370 behind a day rifle scope
  • IR illuminator 50, 75, 150, 200mW
  • Quick-detachable Weaver

D-370 „JUBILEE“ Photonis obj. 1 x i 3 x